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Michael's Story

I can remember standing in center field on a warm summer night, with a leather baseball glove on my left hand.  I remember the sound made when striking the pocket where the ball would land if hit my way.  Unknowingly, I fell in love with form and function.  


In school I remember falling in love with art with the help from a few amazing teachers.  They built a bridge connecting me to new perspective. Giving me the basic tools needed to engage the creative process.  They set the stage for the future.

I traveled many paths in search for a perfect fit.  From college, Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer, Ski Instructing, construction, golf course attendant...the list goes on.  Finding skills and learning lessons all along the way! 

In 2010, I met Elizabeth, who happened to be an art teacher.  We soon fell in love and married, awakening the artist that had been hiding inside me.


I started playing with leatherwork after seeing a Bible case a friend of mine proudly toted.  I was overcome with nostalgia, remembering the relationship of form, function, and beauty.  It spurred several years of trial and error, establishing the skills to work with the medium of leather.  Learning different skills from a few publications and workshops.  I knew I wanted nothing more than to create long lasting functional works of art for people to enjoy.    

As persistence and focus have weaved together with a childhood passion, the seed planted long ago has survived to grow into a budding business. I gained confidence after winning the 2017 Oklahoma State fair in the Advanced Leathercrafting division.  I have created hundreds of custom leather projects for lots of amazing people.  I also do a few art festivals and pop up shops, continuing to connect with more people as I look excitedly to many future projects and collaborations.

My commitment is to make long lasting custom leather  creations focused on unique artistry.  Inspired and intimate.  

- Michael Parham

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