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The most fun and challenging part of custom work is interpreting a clients concept and making it come alive in the end product.  Staying true to the personality of the client, the delicacy of the artwork, and the purpose of the product.  I have been fortunate to work with some incredible people who have inspired the design of several custom products over the years.  With each project holding a unique series of obstacles, I find myself learning something new with each one.  It's a rollercoaster ride of failure and triumph to see a product go through the creative process.  Then a true joy when it becomes a usable product.  After it leaves my shop, the product embarks on a new journey taking on the thumbprint of its new owner. 


If you have a custom product from Parham Custom Leather, I love feedback and seeing how the artwork ages and patinas. So let me know how its going and feel free to share updated pictures. 


If you seek the customization experience, please check out the customize button at the top for more info or send me an email with your idea.  Thanks for supporting handmade art.


- Michael

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